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Dear Customer,

We use reliable payment gateways to make sure all your information is secure and you experience a smooth transaction process.

Once you have entered all the order details, you will be directed to the payments page. You can either choose to pay using a Debit/Credit card, or, you can choose COD as your payment option and pay using cash at the time of delivery. We also accept payments through Bank Transfer/Paytm/GooglePay and other UPI methods.

Payment Gateways

 Manual Payment - Cash on Delivery

 Online Transaction - Cashfree

In case, you have placed a COD order and later wish to make it a prepaid order, you can get in touch with us via call/email and our team will share a payment link with you. Once the payment is received, the order will be marked paid from our end and will be treated as a prepaid order.

Please call us at - +91-9873637712 or email us at for any further queries.

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