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Hello Sunshine,

Granny hopes that you’ve been keeping well. You’re her beloved, aren’t you? She believes that her young mago should be wrapped with all things soft and mellow. How about swathing you with fabrics that feel so smooth!

Your granny has picked some divine elements from nature and put them together in these beautiful pieces for you. Do you know why I did this? Because you, my love, deserve to feel the earth, fly in the wind, dive in the heaven and touch the soil. After all, you are my sunshine.

I can’t wait to see you wearing these.



Sunny Stripe Shirt Dress(6).jpg

Life in Full Bloom 

Chapter 1 - SUNBLOOMS

Dancing on sweet serenades on a sweet sweet sunny morning, these sunflowers are here to add joy to your days. Printed in happy hues and crafted in a breathable fabric, these pieces are here to remind you to "Bloom wherever you are planted"because you my love, are meant to bloom!


Sunflower Fields Dress(6).jpg

Paradise Lake

Taking you on a journey with us to a place unknown, to a place never seen before. A place so quiet that you can hear yourself breath and fill yourself with its tranquility and peace.


Leaf Blazer Dress(2)_2.jpg


Let us take you to the places unknown. Places that offer skywalks on rainbows and lets you pick your favourite clouds and collect them in your basket. Oh! and you can pick the moon too! A place so whimsical that it evokes serenity and peace at just the thought of it. So come, follow us and prepare yourself for a dreamy ride!


Sunshine Dress (1).JPG

Summer Breeze

Bringing to you the halos of sun, hues of the ocean, and hedges of nature. Our new collection, Summer Breeze, is live for you to slip into its breezy and flowy silhouettes.



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